What is sustainable packaging?



Sustainable packaging is a packaging conceived in such a way as to create the lowest possible environmental impact and which at the same time performs its functions of protection and

information in the best possible way. Talking about sustainable packaging means dealing with a broad-spectrum issue, which touches on different sectors, from design

to logistics to final recycling. Packaging is sustainable when the consumer is enabled to carry out correct separate collection without difficulties and uncertainties, thanks to a design that is attentive to the recyclability of the packaging.

Replacing plastic is easy, convenient and possible with


cardboard Biodegradable PLT air cushions

What is cArtù® technology?

More than 100 years after the invention of corrugated cardboard, we have redesigned the wave, improving its performance and environmental impact. cArtù® is the reinvention of corrugated cardboard with highly innovative features. The result is a technology that reduces the amount of paper needed to make a sheet of corrugated by 1/3. It is made using a production system that creates waves from 10 to 20 mm high and generates 50% more corrugation than traditional corrugated cardboard. The innovative design of cArtù® adds two folds to each wave.

CushionPaper ™ is ecological and economical cushionPaper ™ wins the challenge of eco-compatibility with respect to all products currently used for packaging: with the same volume it reduces CO2 emissions and problems related to disposal. cushionPaper ™ is effective Thanks to its innovative shape, it meets the needs of protection, locking, filling and wrapping in an exceptional way. With cushionPaper ™ your products can be shipped anywhere, even in difficult transport conditions.

Why should you choose cushionPaper ™?

The products of the cushionPaper ™ line guarantee exceptional performance at an extremely advantageous price. Stop the additional costs deriving from equipment, molds and dedicated design. The cushionPaper ™ products are ready to use and simple to use. No specific training is required to understand how to use these products. Our logistics meets your needs: it reduces the stock in your warehouses, guaranteeing fast delivery.

The cushionPaper ™ products are made from recycled paper and. It solves every packaging need: Thanks to the innovative wavy shape, the cushionPaper ™ products inserted inside the box have an excellent cushioning effect. The cushionPaper ™ products compensate for the empty spaces inside the box. The cushionPaper ™ formats are extremely fl exible and therefore easily adapt to products of any shape, even with an irregular profile.

CushionPaper ™ Light is an adaptable and safe packaging product: effectively protects even fragile or irregularly shaped products. The innovative wavy shape combines a reduced consumption of raw material with exceptional performances, superior to those of expanded plastic materials. It is ready to use and made with FSC certified, recycled and recyclable papers. cushionPaper ™ Strong: is the innovative product for packaging in hyper-resistant and roll-up corrugated paper. It effectively protects products, even heavy and bulky ones, from shocks and vibrations.


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