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bubble wrap


Bubble Polyethylene Reel (Bubble Wrap) Produced with an exclusive extrusion process that allows the air to be retained inside the bubbles, Bubble Polyethylene is the most economical and Diffused. Heat sealable, odorless and suitable for contact with food, it is used in various sectors. The reels in standard heights of 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300 cm (possibility of cutting into strips at the required height) available in following weights: - Bubble wrap gr. 45 in 200 mt \ / l reel - Bubble wrap gr. 90 in reel of 200 mt/l - Bubble wrap gr. 55 in reel of 200 mt/l - Bubble wrap gr. 115 visible bubble in reel of 170 mt/l - Bubble wrap gr. 70 in reel of 200 mt/l Coupled with HD, it is used, in particular, for the protection of painted products.

Lightweight and resistant bubble wrap bag, bubble wrap bags are ideal for protecting and cushioning, avoiding breakage and abrasion. The HD interior also makes it easier to get the product into the bag and avoid traces or marks of bubbles. Available in various weights, the envelopes are made to measure. separating small and

Large products, guaranteeing high impact protection. The creation of customized formats allows quick and functional use. They are made to measure and are available in various weights. Antistatic bubble wrap: the air bubble film antistatic finds wide application in electronics. It protects

Materials from electrostaticity, dust and humidity, therefore, ideal for any magnetic support and electronic component. It is available in fo and bags made to measure.


Expanded polyethylene


Expanded polyethylene (P.E. or foam), highly spongy and anti-scratch, is widely used in the glass, automotive and for the protection of the most delicate surfaces. The reels in standard heights of 100, 120, 150 and 200 cm (with the possibility of cutting into strips at the required height) are available in different thicknesses. Antistatic bubble wrap. The antistatic air bubble film is widely used in electronics. It protects materials from electrostaticity, dust and humidity and is therefore ideal for any magnetic support and electronic component. It is available in sheets and bags made to measure.


Stretch films


Stratch Films in LLDPE suitable for applications on wrapping machines and for manual use The development of an innovative formula and targeted extrusion parameters allow the film to obtain a very high clamping force and excellent resistance to puncture also for thin thicknesses. The reduction of the film thickness allows a saving of 50% compared to the use of traditional stretch films.

Scotch tape


The polypropylene adhesive tape, 25 micron thick, is suitable for sealing packaging. The water-based acrylic glue, free of harmful solvents, guarantees high adhesion, durability, resistance to humidity and low temperatures after Application. Conformable adapts to surfaces. Soft unwinding.



PPL straps, iron straps and green polyester straps available. Suitable for heavy and light loads, contact us to find out how our straps can meet your needs.


Personalized bubble wrap


The brand represents the unique and unrepeatable identity of a successful company on the market. The customized bubble wrap is the ideal product to add value and give personality to your brand. Made to measure and in different weights , it is possible to create envelopes and sheets on which your company logo will be printed. to give personality to your brand. Customized and in different weights, it is possible to create envelopes and sheets on which your logo will be printed company.

we love green


Replacing plastic is easy, convenient and possible with corrugated cardboard biodegradable PLT air cushions. More than 100 years after the invention of corrugated cardboard, we have redesigned the wave, improving its performance and environmental impact. cArtù® is the reinvention of corrugated cardboard with highly innovative features. The result is a technology that reduces the amount of paper needed to make a sheet of corrugated by 1/3. It is made using a production system that creates waves from 10 to 20 mm high and generates 50% more corrugation than traditional corrugated cardboard. The innovative design of cArtù® adds two folds to each wave.


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