What was bubble wrap invented for?

In 1957 Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes sealed two plastic shower curtains, allowing air bubbles to form between the two: bubble wrap was born! The result was to become, in the projects of the two inventors, a soft and particular luxury upholstery, which protected the walls and made them hygienic and washable, as well as soft and "three-dimensional" to the touch. The idea was not very successful as an alternative to wallpaper and was soon recycled as a cheap insulator; finally, in 1960, he landed in the packaging and packaging sector, in which bubble wrap is still widely used all over the world. Today the best quality bubble wrap is produced in LDPE, a very robust and versatile thermoplastic polymer: it resists temperatures up to 80 ° C continuously and 95 ° C for a short time and is also an excellent waterproofer.

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