What was bubble wrap invented for?

In 1957 Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes sealed two plastic shower curtains, allowing air bubbles to form between the two: bubble wrap was born! The result was to become, in the projects of the two inventors, a soft and particular luxury upholstery, which protected the walls and made them hygienic and washable, as well as soft and "three-dimensional" to the touch. The idea was not very successful as an alternative to wallpaper and was soon recycled as a cheap insulator; finally, in 1960, he landed in the packaging and packaging sector, in which bubble wrap is still widely used all over the world. Today the best quality bubble wrap is produced in LDPE, a very robust and versatile thermoplastic polymer: it resists temperatures up to 80 ° C continuously and 95 ° C for a short time and is also an excellent waterproofer.


  Trust in a real industry professionals

Established in 2002, with the trade in packaging products, IMBALPOINT srl has matured over the years the intent to develop the plastic materials processing department. Thanks to the acquisition of specialized machinery, the production of envelopes and sheets in bubble wrap, expanded polyethylene and expanded polyethylene + HD, quickly became the company's core business. While continuing the marketing of various packaging products, to best meet customer needs, today IMBALPOINT srl is a leader in the processing sector, boasting an important customer base of small and medium-large dimensions in the most varied sectors.


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